What is the difference between regular, feminised and autoflowering seeds?


Regular seeds are bred from one male and one female parent and can grow to be either sex, where as feminised seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring no confusion of gender, and female only plants. Seeds sold as Regular or Feminised will be photoperiod unless marked as auto.

Autoflowering seeds are different to other standard photoperiod strains.  They produce plants whose flowering cycle is not affected by changes in light hours and in turn, the seasons. They will enter flowering stage automatically according to their age, hence the name.


Please note Seedsman is not responsible for any losses beyond the value of any order.

If you are growing our seeds somewhere cannabis cultivation is legal then you are responsible for monitoring your plants.

If you allow any male/hermaphrodite plant from a feminised seed to reach maturity we cannot be held accountable for any pollination that results.