Understanding USPS Label Creation and Possible Shipping Delays


Dear Valued Customer,

We appreciate your trust in our services, and we understand the anticipation of receiving your shipment. To provide clarity on the USPS label creation process and any potential delays during holiday seasons, etc. please read the following information:

USPS Label Creation Process

When you receive a notification indicating "USPS label created," it means your order is packed and awaiting collection by USPS. Collections typically occur daily around 4 pm (Chicago time). In the event USPS fails to collect, our team personally delivers orders to the Post Office. Once in USPS's possession, they manage handling, routing, and delivery.

Internal Scanning Processes

Despite our efforts for swift delivery, the internal scanning and processing within the USPS network are managed independently. Unfortunately, we lack direct control over these processes post-handover, potentially causing delays in tracking updates.

Holiday Season Delays

During the holiday seasons, the volume of shipments handled by USPS significantly increases. This surge may result in slight delays in scanning and delivery. USPS is actively managing this increased workload to expedite deliveries.

What You Can Do

While waiting can be frustrating, please allow extra time for scanning and delivery during this busy period. Track your shipment using the provided number for updates on its USPS network status. If concerns arise or there are significant delays, contact us directly for assistance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this holiday season. Your trust in our services is valued, and we are committed to ensuring the timely delivery of your package.