Order Statuses Explained


Seedsman uses order statuses to categorise the where your order is in the packing and shipping process. We will email you at the key stages of your orders' journey.

You will be emailed when you submit your order, when it is paid for, when we have not received payment and when the order has been sent.

We recommend checking the status of your order in your account if you have any questions - this is the fastest way to get an update.

Order Received - Awaiting Payment

We are currently awaiting payment. If you have not sent payment for your order, you need to go to Your Account and send payment following the details provided.
Order Received - Payment not Received
Payment is being processed by our system and you will be notified when completed. (If your order remains in this status for over 24 hours then please contact the Seedsman Team)
Order Pending
Payment has been received and your order is in our warehouse being carefully packed by one of our team.
Order Processed
Your order has been carefully packaged by our team and is ready for dispatch.
Order Dispatched
Your order has been dispatched.  If you have purchased tracking then you will be able to find tracking information in 'My Account'
Order Cancelled
Your order has been cancelled by yourself or a member of the Seedsman team. If you think your order was incorrectly cancelled, please get in touch.
Order Placed - On Hold
Your order has been put on hold by one of the Seedsman team and they will contact you as soon as possible with details.