All cannabis strains have the potential to turn hermaphrodite.

Hermaphroditism has two related origins – genetics and environment.

Some genetics are more susceptible than others. The breeders we work with carefully select their genetics to keep hermaphroditism to a minimum. It is impossible to avoid it entirely.

Regardless of genetics cannabis plants will also often become hermaphrodite in response to stress. Its their way to deal with it their aim to self-fertilise and create off-spring (seeds). It’s an advanced, natural, self-defence mechanism.

Stress can be brought on by plant damage (broken branches, roots etc), excess fertilisation, pests and diseases, thermal stress, interruptions to the light cycle, late harvesting etc.

We urge all customers, growing legally, to avoid stressing their plants, and to check their plants daily. The best way to avoid issues is to maintain optimum, stable conditions. Further to this if you have any concerns make sure you check your plants for male flowers regularly and if you find hermaphrodite plants remove them.

If you have a problem with hermaphroditism please let us know, giving the following information:

• Order number
• Strain
• Numbers of seeds affected
• Environmental conditions.
• Photos (essential if you are looking for us to replace the seeds you bought)

If you are looking for us to replace seeds you have bought we need all the information above. We will then deal with each ticket on a case by case basis.

Please note any replacement seeds offered will be from our Seedsman branded range

Seedsman is not responsible for any losses beyond the value of any order.

If you are growing our seeds somewhere cannabis cultivation is legal then you are responsible for monitoring your plants.

If you allow any male/hermaphrodite plant from a feminised seed to reach maturity we cannot be held accountable for any pollination that results.