All cannabis strains can potentially turn hermaphrodite, which has both genetic and environmental origins. Some genetics are more susceptible, but the breeders we work with carefully select strains to minimize this risk. While it's impossible to avoid entirely, you can take steps to manage it.

Cannabis plants often become hermaphrodite in response to stress, which is their natural self-defense mechanism to self-fertilize and produce seeds. Stress factors include plant damage (broken branches, roots, etc.), excess fertilization, pests and diseases, thermal stress, light cycle interruptions, and late harvesting.

To help you keep your plants healthy and happy, we recommend:

  • Avoiding stress and maintaining stable, optimal conditions.
  • Checking your plants daily.
  • Regularly inspecting for male flowers and removing any hermaphrodite plants immediately.

If you encounter hermaphroditism, please reach out to us with the following details:

  • Order number
  • Strain
  • Number of seeds affected
  • Environmental conditions
  • Photos (essential for seed replacement requests)

We'll handle each case individually. Note that any replacement seeds will come from our Seedsman branded range. Seedsman is not responsible for losses beyond the value of the order.

If you're growing our seeds where cannabis cultivation is legal, please monitor your plants closely. We cannot be held accountable for any pollination if a male/hermaphrodite plant from feminized seeds reaches maturity.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We're here to help!