Male plants from feminised seeds


Occasionally male plants appear when customers have ordered feminised seeds.

This is a rare occurrence but we need to know about it so we can feed back to suppliers, and replace the faulty seeds. It is normally due to issues within the feminisation process.

We recommend all clients with male plants, who are growing legally, check their order before letting us know. A few clients have ordered ‘regular’ seeds and then complained to us.

When contacting us please make sure you provide the following:

• Order number
• Strain
• Number of male plants
• Details on Environment
• Clear photos

We will can then process your enquiry efficiently.

Please note any replacement seeds offered will be from our Seedsman branded range

Please note Seedsman is not responsible for any losses beyond the value of any order.

If you are growing our seeds somewhere cannabis cultivation is legal then you are responsible for monitoring your plants.

If you allow any male/hermaphrodite plant from a feminised seed to reach maturity we cannot be held accountable for any pollination that results.