My Card Payment Failed


So you’ve tried to pay on our website with your credit or debit card and the payment has failed, and you’re not sure why?

Cards can fail for a number of reasons some our fault and some yours.  What we recommend:

 Make sure your card is allowed to make international payments by your bank

  • Make sure you have chosen the right card type, and you have entered your card details properly
  • If you have another card it may be worth trying it.

 If you have done this and your card has still been declined we are very sorry the fault is most likely ours.  It is not easy accepting card payments for seeds.  Because of this we have an array of other cheap, and easy payment methods.

 We recommend one of the following options:

 Choose another payment method.  We recommend the following:

    • USA – Zelle, BillPay, Bank Wire (to a US account), cash/check (sent to a US address), Bitcoin
    • UK – Bank wire, cash, Bitcoin
    • Europe – bank wire, send cash/check, Bitcoin
    • Rest of World – bank wire, Bitcoin

This blog article will help explain the difficulties with using credit cards to buy cannabis products

Please note if your card payment fails or is declined your order will cancel automatically