60 Day Germination Policy


At Seedsman.com, we pride ourselves on the quality & viability of our products.  Under our own brand Seedsman, we only release for sale seeds from batches that have tested over 95% germination.  We also hold our suppliers to the same high standards, ensuring seeds are tested over 90% germination.
We are also very careful about how seeds packaged are stored to ensure long life.  We are extremely confident with the viability of our seeds.  However, as seeds are live products, and customer competencies vary, with small changes to the germination environment able to affect the outcome we do not guarantee all seeds. If you are in a country where germination is legal, and have had a problem with germination, that you honestly do not think stems from user error then we encourage you to get in touch, giving us all the necessary details for our records, and research.  We will endeavour to resolve the issue in a suitable way. 😊

To resolve your enquiry, we will need you to do the following:

Tell us your order number

Tell us how many of which strain(s) failed to germinate

Explain the method used to germinate 

Upload supporting photos/video evidence. (Required)

Terms and conditions


Germination issues need to be submitted within 60 days of purchase and you must have germinated all the seeds from that same order. Seeds are live plant material and cannot be guaranteed 100%.  We expect from our suppliers 90% germination.  We advise customers to buy and germinate 10% more seeds than you want to grow to allow for reasonable losses.

Freebies are not eligible for replacements. We also do not offer replacement seeds for replacement orders.

*All replacement Seeds offered will be the Seedsman Internal Lineup/brand of seeds.*

** Please note that standalone single Seed pack purchases are not eligible for replacement or germination coverage.**

If you are consistently having germination issues across a wide range of breeders and strains it is most likely the issue lies with your germination process, not the seeds, and we reserve the right to not offer replacement seeds.


Some seeds, especially those from varieties bred inside under lights can be smaller and paler in appearance.  This does not affect their germination.  An immature seed is green.


If you genuinely feel that the products we have sold you have been faulty, and poor germination is not down to you, then we require you to fill in our germination form to investigate your request.