Beware fake social media accounts


It has come to our attention that there are some imposters out there posing as Seedsman that do not have your best interests in mind. Please use caution before sharing your details through links or on websites that look suspicious.

  • If an Instagram account has no posts, or just a few recently added, or is following more accounts than it has followers, please assume it is suspicious.
  • If you get any notification stating you have won a competition, do not click on any link without being sure it's from
  • Seedsman will never ask competition winners for payment for shipping or any other expenses
  • Check contact details of any Facebook page claiming to be seedsman. If the email address or URL are not ours then avoid the page. If in doubt contact us directly on our web form (link below)
  • Seedsman staff will never ask for your personal information apart from your order number and email address
  • MOST IMPORTANT Seedsman will never contact you directly to place an order. ORDERS CAN BE PLACED ON OUR WEBSITE ONLY


e.g. seedsman_official is fake, seedsman.official is genuine