Website Fixes


As you are aware we have recently re-launched our website and there have been a few issues that this has thrown up.

Our tech support team are continually working to fix these and we appreciate the patience you've shown as well as useful feedback.

Some of the issues that have recently been fixed are listed below, this article will be update daily but if you've had any problems placing orders please clear your cache and cookies and try again.

  • Recent orders placed not showing on account
  • Shop credit not showing/not able to redeem
  • Loyalty point redemption (further work being carried out)
  • Improvements to mobile site
  • Shop by Breeder
  • Invalid Order error when paying by credit card
  • Issues with Green Points not showing for some customers

If you're noticing any problems you think we need to be aware of, please send us a screen recording of the issue on your support ticket

Updated 26 November 2021