How to record your screen


If a picture tells a thousand words....then a video tells millions!!!

This article describes how to record your screen, save the recording, and add this to your support ticket.


Process Steps

Create a free account with

  1. Download the relevant browser extension

    Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder - Chrome Web Store (

    Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder - Microsoft Edge Addons

    ‎Awesome Screenshot for Safari on the App Store (
  2. Choose how you want to sign up
  3. Pin the extension in Chrome, using the instructions in the pop-up window
    You're now ready to record your screen! By default, URL and date are switched off, you can change these in Preferences > Saving Preferences

Start a screen recording

  1. Open the Awesome Screenshot extension from your browser's taskbar

  2. Select whether you want to record your screen and webcam, just your screen, or just your webcam (just screen is fine)
  3. Choose if you want to include microphone audio.  You can add a voice description of your issue if you like, but this isn't essential

  4. Choose whether you want to show a single screen, both screens, or just an app, then hit "Start Recording"

  5. Your recording will start, after a countdown.

  6. Carry out the activity which resulted in your issue, i.e. why you are logging the support ticket, then click "Stop" in the extension when you're finished.

  7. Your completed recording will now open in a new window, where you can review it before sharing.

  8. Choose to either "Download" or "Upload to get a shareable link", then paste or attach this into the description in your support ticket.